Friday, September 21, 2012

Work It - "9 to 5 Chicness"

Nowadays women are all over the work place. We serve as engineers, accountants, teachers, pharmacists, and in many more diverse capacities. You always want to put your best foot forward in the workplace showcasing your great work ethic, your honesty, your inner tiger, and your willingness to collaborate with others. But it's also great to look the part as well. This post will give you the confidence to "WORK IT!"  Show the world you mean business with these chic 9 to 5 office ready looks.

This is for the power player who means business. Show them who's boss (or climbing the ladder one day to become the HWIC - Head Woman In Charge) in this subtle yet chic number. You will look sharp and feel assertive in this navy structured blazer and wide leg trousers. Incorporate your creative side with interesting accessories like a plum satchel or snakeskin pumps. But be sure to research the culture of the company you are applying to, it may require you to be a little more conservatively dressed at your interview.

Although presentations can give you the jitters that doesn't mean you can't be cool and collected on the outside. I'm talking about wearing an outfit that projects confidence all while you are spitting the facts.

Fridays have to be one of the best days of the week. Although your brain may be on a hiatus as the clock draws nearer to 5pm on a Friday, don't let your clothes read slacker. Here is a way to look savvy and well put together! TGIF

Hopefully this post opened your mind from the mundane black, navy, or gray business skirt suit to a world of color, fabulosity, and chicness all while staying in a business frame of mind. Who said you have to look stuffy in the workplace? And for an added tidbit ...pick your clothes out for the week on Saturday. Try them on from the accessories to the shoes so you are not scrambling come Monday morning asking yourself "what am I going to wear" after pushing the snooze button 3 times (I'm a witness lol). This adds one less piece of stress to your morning routine. If you're really good, your can iron all your clothes (that you've picked out) and have them hung up and ready to wear.

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