Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pint Sized Fashionistas & Gents

I recently got married 3 months ago (I can't believe it's already been 3 months). Once we got engaged the first question people would ask is..."when and where are you getting married?" Now that I'm married, the next logical question people ask is..."when are you and your husband going to start having children?" I'm definitely not fully ready to have children yet, as I'm trying to get in the swing of being a newlywed. But, I do want children in the near future. So when I stumbled across this page "Fashionable Kids" on Instagram I was delighted to follow.  There's nothing better than seeing cute little kids dressed to a tee to bring a smile on your face and offer style inspiration. It helps me to daydream about how I will dress my little tykes on their arrival :) My hubby says he is going to have to put me on a budget when I shop for kids clothes because every time I walk in a store and see kids clothes I pick out stuff I would buy my future children (in my head of course).

So this post is specifically for all my Ali Fashion Sense hot mama's, mommies - to - be, and superhero dads to give you inspiration on how to dress your little angels in style!!!! All pictures were obtained from Instagram or the Internet. I do not own the rights to these pictures, nor do I know any of the children in the photos. I just love their individual styles.

Girls are probably the easiest to shop for because they always have the cutest little dresses, coats, jeans, skirts, vest, hair accessories etc in any store you visit. Whether it's a high end or low end store you can ALWAYS find something cute for a little girl to wear. You name it and they likely have it! Here are a few stylish little divas in the making.

This is my absolute favorite pint sized outfit. Her mini faux fur vest is giving me life

This little diva is right on trend with the military inspired peacoat (tan leggings and ankle boots)

I love the denim with the colored jeans and the scarf for extra flare

You can never go wrong with a pair of converse and a cute khaki dress

This little tyke is giving you rocker chic with her mini leather jacket, leggings, and shiny shoes

I love these little leopard print leggings and her matching head band

I love the contrast of her outfit, but I absolutely love her navy  loafers ;)

She is killen 'em with her leather crocodile printed dress and her chain strapped bag 

Leopard leggings are in as you can cute is she though, and this trench!!!!

I love her winged sneakers and her play on denim from head to toe

Here's another cutie with a chic faux fur vest, black leggings, a white button up, and shiny shoes

These chic little ladies are adorable in their white skirts, tees, cardigans, and fedoras

Boys are a little harder to shop for. Is it just me or do they always have little trucks and cars on EVERYTHING. I hate that. I am always wondering if other women with little boys like the designs for boys clothes. But, there are clothes out there to take you sons to the next level. Just check out these stylish little lads with major swag who's aesthetic you can borrow for your little one.

Now this is what you call coordinated: peep the leopard bow tie and leopard sneaks

I LOVE his socks, what a cool outfit with his sweater, the button up, dark wash jeans, and blue oxfords and contrasting socks

Colored jeans with denim are hot for boys and girls alike, he added an extra bonus with his cognac sweater and matching shoes

Major dose of swag in this pic, the tweed blazer, the newsboy cap, the sweater etc.

This trio is a very eclectic bunch with vibrant colors and major style
Here's a way to wear a bow tie but still dress it down

The boy on the right sweatshirt sums up this picture perfectly...SWAG

4 year old sneakerhead, his J's are crispy white

Little President in Training, how much more polished can you get than rocking a pint sized power suit

This was just a fun post, so I could post all the pics I've been accumulating of all these cute little ones. To achieve the looks seen here you may want to visit stores like: Target, Baby Gap, Macy's, Nordstrom's, Kids "R' Us, Stride Rite etc. Now you and your babies can step out in style, repping a fashionable family unit!!!

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