Monday, September 22, 2014

A Week in Black & White

So if you've been following Ali's Fashion Sense for some time now you know I am a firm believer in black and white. It's hands down my favorite color combination to put on. When you throw on black and white, you instantly create a structured silhouette. So to pay homage to my favorite duo: ebony and ivory, I decided I would do a 2 week series (since I only blog three times per week) to show you how I can take simple black and white garments (with a splash of color here and there) to create a week's worth of looks. I will reuse certain garments and show you that with a few key pieces you can make a little go a long way! I hope you enjoy it!

The first look is a classic blazer with a white lapel which was gifted to me from my awesome aunt from New York and Company. I like the oversized fit of the blazer. Even though it is oversized it fits well in all the right places. I paired it with my black and white patterned blouse, a pair of white slacks, and my favorite lace up sandals. Since this look is so sleek I wanted to keep my hair very simple so I braided it into a single french braid down the back (a look you've seen a time or two since I've been rocking my box braids). I topped off my look with my blinged out statement necklace and a bright red lip to offer a splash of color!

Outfit Details: Black Blazer with White Lapel (New York & Co.), Black & White Patterned Blouse (Forever 21), MK Trousers (TJ Maxx), Statement Necklace (TJ Maxx), Lace - Up Sandals (Charlotte Russe)

This is the first of seven installments of this series. I hope you enjoy the plethora of black and white (with the occasional occurrence of color) these next few blog posts. And I truly hope you are inspired to stretch your wardrobe as we usher in the Fall! Happy Monday luvs! Make it a productive one :)


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