Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mix It Up

Today is the second installment of my black and white series. The first post I took classic silhouettes using a black and white blazer, white trousers, and a black and white patterned blouse. Today's look is way less structured, a little more grungy - goth. I tried to play with the balance of hard and soft. The striped dress with the tulle skirt is dainty so I wanted to harden it up a bit by adding my hubby's plaid flannel (which you've seen many time and time again on Ali's Fashion Sense), my gold studded boots, gold trimmed sunnies, and topping it of with a floral headband. I mixed purple and maroon lipsticks to get my fall inspired lip and threw my box braids into "Minnie Mouse ears"to pull the entire look together.  

Outfit Details: Dress (Cie La Vie), Leggings (Target), Hubby's Flannel (Old Navy), Boots (Target), Sunnies (Forever 21), Floral Headband (DIY), Gold Necklace (Forever 21)

I hope you enjoy the visual versatility that this series will provide. You may not like every piece (I hope you do though) but the theme I'm trying to repeat is don't be afraid to "mix it up" a bit. When pairing black and white, since it's such a classic color combination, the thing to remember is to try different silhouettes and patterns to create interesting balance, shape, and texture to your outfit! What are your favorite black and white garments in your closet? 

Come back Friday to see the third installment of my black and white series! I hope you have a wonderful, productive hump day! I sure plan too. 


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