Monday, September 9, 2013

Dressing Room Diaries

Whenever I go shopping I make sure I try EVERYTHING on! When I say everything, I mean everything. I would definitely recommend trying things on, not to annoy you, but as an encouragement. Sometimes, things look hideous on the rack, but once you try it on it fits magically. And sometimes things look amazing on the mannequin but once it hits the dressing room...not so much.

The point to this whole rant is that I've kind of made a game out of trying on clothes. I'm going to introduce a new series of posts called the "Dressing Room Diaries" (DRD) where I will chronicle the items I try on so you can see what things look like in their infantry (before I put my Ali's touch on it). So check out my first installment of DRD, where I went to Forever 21 (my fav) at Lenox Mall in ATL (about a week ago) and found some really cute pieces.

While I was perusing the store something made me gravitate to this unique sweatshirt. I don't know if it was the bold numbers or the plaid sleeves, but once I tried it on I knew it was a winner. I did however have to change the size from L to a M after trying it on because it was a little too big for my liking (that's why it's so important to try things on).  The distressed shorts (which I picked up from the plus size section) were very roomy (a little big, but that's ok) and chill! I really like the pieces separate but I could pull them off together as well. 

The 82 Sweatshirt and Distressed Denim Shorts make for a very comfy, sporty look. 

The next look is totally different but I love the pieces just as equally as much!

I've been secretly admiring the crop top trend for some time now. I did purchase one (neon crop top) over the summer but I wanted to add more in my closet. So when I spotted this faux leather crop top with a gold exposed zipper hidden away on a random rack in Forever 21 I knew I had to get it (after trying it on of course). I found the perfect high waisted striped maxi skirt to compliment this gorgeous cropped number. They are the perfect duo but, I can still separate the pieces and wear them with multiple things in my closet, which offers longevity for both garments just in time to put them into my Fall rotation.

You can tell by my facial expressions that I was really feeling this outfit. On the right hand side you can see the front and back of the crop top on a F21 model (the picture was taken from the Forever 21 website)

If you find something in a store that you have fallen in love with but they don't have your size...don't fret. Just jot down (or take a photo) the name and reference number on the tag, and you may be able to find the garment online. Just like I did with a pair of wedges I found. I fell in love with them in the store but they only had a size 7, so I took a picture of the tag, located them online (in my size), and ordered them the day after. I can't wait for them to come in!

Hopefully, this post motivated you to try things on and get comfortable in the dressing room. Stay tuned for my next Dressing Room Diaries post :) Happy Monday luvs!


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