Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Recap: Bad Hair Days

Hey everyone. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I will title this weekend BAD HAIR DAYS!!! So on Saturday, I had a nice day. I woke up, ran some errands with the hubster, then went to an awesome (praise team) rehearsal for church. Me and the hubby went to Cheddar's for a delicious early dinner and then the nightmare began. I came home popped on some college football and my awesome husband helped me take down my sew - in. I got the sew - in out in no time. Then I combed out my hair, and washed it. With a head full of soaking wet natural glory I realized I had tons of tangles and knots in my hair. Here's where the drama began. I couldn't comb it, finger through my hair or anything else. I felt sooo hopeless. So I just decided to call it a night and reconvene in the morning with a clear head, and a load full of patience.

The calm before the storm. Right after taking my sew - in out

 Fast forward to Sunday morning (5 AM to be exact).  I got up to start tackling the monster knots that were in my hair. 3 hours later I had put a dent into the knots but not enough to go out of the house looking a mess. Thank God for alternative solutions :) I was able to grab my leopard print scarf (that you all have seen countless times here at AFS) and hide my untamely mane under a fashionable turban. My bad hair day turned into a chic casual Sunday OOTD. Check it out below.

I wanted to wear something a little more casual to church so I immediately went for the perfect graphic tee with a picture of Jesus' face with a slogan that reads "Jesus Loves You!" The black tee with it's creams and golden bronze accents tied in perfectly with my leopard print turban. I then grabbed a pair of skinny jeans, my black blazer, and my gold accented wedges to round out the look.

The outfit is shown with and without the blazer.
:: "Jesus Loves You" Graphic Tee: Forever 21::
:: Studded Pocket Skinny Jeans: Forever 21::
:: Black Blazer: H&M::
:: Wedges with Gold Accents: Forever 21::
:: Animal Print Scarf: Charlotte Russe::
:: Gold Earrings: MD Beauty Supply Store::

Luckily I was able to play off my "bad hair day(s)" with a fashionable turban. What fashionable tactics do you resort to when you have a horrible, no good, bad (hair) day?