Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 25: Feather Earrings

Birds of a feather flock together. Well today there are many different flocks in my closet. How you ask?  Through "feather earrings" which is today's (Day 25's) fashion theme for "Ali's 31 Days of Fresh!" Feather earrings (through my experience) are great communication starters. They draw the eye directly to the ear. In my case, the bigger they are...the better!

I mentioned above that feather earrings have infiltrated my closet. I love the lightness of the feather earrings, the colors, the detailing and boost they give to any outfit. Here is a collage of my fav feather earrings. Most I obtained from Charlotte Russe, Charming Charlie's, or Aldo.

Do you have any cool feather earrings? What do you wear your earrings with? "Show me what ya got" using the infamous hashtag #Alis31daysoffresh on Instagram. FYI: This is our last week of "Ali's 31 Days of Fresh." There are six days left to participate (seven including today), so if you haven't joined in yet...hop on in with the fashion fun! Enjoy your Thursday luvs :)


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