Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 11: Cutoffs

We have one more day until the weekend! Today marks Day 11 of "Ali's 31 Days of Fresh!" Today highlights one of this summers hottest trends...Cutoff Shorts.

One of this summers hottest trends are cutoff shorts. Cutoffs can come with tie dye, spikes, distressed, or even painted with stars. You can really highlight your own personality with these cutesy denim bottoms.

So I went to Goodwill a couple weeks ago and purchased a pair of black vintage jeans and attempted to make my own DIY angled cutoffs. Let me tell you "fashion sensers" it was an EPIC FAIL lol! I'm going to try my attempt again very soon. If they turn out better I will post them here on Ali's Fashion Sense. Until then, just marvel at these perfect summer treats below!

Ali's 31 Days of Fresh July Photo Challenge

Are you cooling off in cutoffs this summer? If so, let me see on Instagram for Day 11 using the hashtag #Alis31daysoffresh. *Happy Thursday luvs*


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