Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 31: Blazers

It is the last and final day for "Ali's 31 Days of Fresh!" We have had 31 days of fashion, fun, and the ultimate freshness. For those of you who participated via email, through Facebook, or Instagram...I truly appreciate you rocking with me. I know 31 days is hard to keep up with anything, but you stuck it out with me. I hope this July Photo Challenge has inspired and challenged you to come up with new ideas on how to sport some of fashions hottest trends. So in honor of our last day, today...Day 31 the theme is Blazers!

I've shared with you all in countless posts that I have a slight obsession with blazers. And I'm going to be unapologetic about it lol! There is something about a blazer that screams sophistication, class, and somebody who is pulled together. So with all those positives, blazers are a great staple to have in your closet. They make any outfit look polished. So I recommend if you don't have a blazer...add one to your collection immediately so you can get ready for the fall!!! Check out my blazer in black and white below.

L to R: Black Boyfriend Blazer (Forever 21), White Blazer with Leather Lapel (Forever 21), Leather Cropped Blazer (Forever 21), Cream Tuxedo Blazer (Forever 21)

Here is a sample size of the blazers I have in my closet, in an array of colors. I wanted to show that you can style them with anything. Dresses, skater skirts, jeans, leggings, and even [leather] sweatpants. Can you taste the rainbow?

L to R: Hot Pink Blazer (Love Culture), Red Blazer (Forever 21), Burnt Orange Blazer (Forever 21), Neon Yellow/Lime Blazer (Forever 21), Turquoise Blazer (Forever 21)

If my display of blazers (in black and white or color) aren't enough get inspired by "6 Jewel Toned Blazer Under $100." You can scroll through the cool lookbook (which I found just in time on by clicking the gray arrow on the right. 

6 Jewel-Toned Blazers Under $100 by polyvore-editorial on

Again, I'd just like to say thanks so much for participating with me for the last month! It's been a blast. Hopefully, you've been inspired in some shape or form :) Happy Hump Day luvs. I'll see you tomorrow. 


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