Thursday, August 1, 2013

Numbers Never Lie

We're now back to our regularly scheduled program lol. I hope you all enjoyed "Ali's 31 Days of Fresh." I know I had a great time. And I pray you all are having a productive day thus far. So, let's get into it, shall we?

Remember back in like 02 - 03 when oversized throwback jerseys and fitted jersey dresses hit the scene? Yea, well those days have come and gone. New "jerseys" have hit the scene and they've gotten total makeovers. You know how we used to find the coolest way to represent our favorite sports (basketball, football, baseball, hockey) team/favorite player and rock it fanatically? Well, now the new "jersey's 2.0" have ditched the player and the team and simply left the numbers!

You know what they say. Women lie, men lie, but NUMBERS NEVER LIE. So check out the newest way to express your numerical pride :)

Numbers Never Lie

In honor of Throwback Thursday I decided to flashback to the early 2000's where fashion and sports collided to create an urban phenomenon...none other than JERSEY DRESSES! I had to go way back to the vaults of my Senior Memory Book to get this photo. Peep the Boston Celtics jersey dress (donning number 34) with the sleeves, the tube socks and the jellies. I was killin' em'. At least so I thought lol. Don't hold it against me, I was fly for the new millennium.

What's the verdict? Will you run out to find your favorite numbered jersey? I know I will!!! If you are looking for stores that sell these number jerseys check out my favs Forever 21,, etc. Enjoy your Thursday luvs.


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