Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fashion Violations & Citations

Have you ever been out and just saw someone who was indeed in an ultimate fashion violation and you wanted to call the Fashion Police? Well, today I am introducing a new post that is dedicated to avoiding these easy fashion traps so that you will always be on the "Best Dressed List" instead of the "Worst."

Let me make this very clear, I am not writing this post to bash or put anyone down. I just want all my subbies and readers to look your most "flawless" selves when you walk out the door everyday. So here are a couple fashion faux paus that we will discuss and how to do it the correct way!!! READY, SET, GO.

These legging violations will have you holding your breath. Don't grab a legging citation by making the same mistakes (buttocks fully exposed, see through leggings, camel toe)  as these fashion victims. 

Leggings are like tights. Most are made out of thin material and can be see through. So you don't want to have your entire backside exposed because unfortunate situations such as the pictures shown above can occur.  Leggings are meant to be covered. Would you go out of your house in a pair of tights? Most would say no. So here are the correct ways to wear leggings!

Start with the thickest quality of leggings you can find. Then begin to layer!!! You can use a chic blouse and structured boyfriend blazer to give you a sophisticated look. Adding well polished accessories like over the knee boots, gold hoops, and a black clutch will complete the look to land you on the best dressed list :)

Leggings Done Right

I know Beyonce' killed it in her "Single Ladies" video with her slick choreography, beat face, and her leotard/bodysuit. But B gets a pass because she was "entertaining." Bodysuits can be cute when paired with a skirt, or jeans...but they aren't garments that are meant to stand alone. "Friends don't let friends wear bodysuits by themselves!"

Don't be that chick caught in the club rocking a leotard/bodysuit with tights and some booties and think you're "killing the game!" The only people who should be caught dead in leotards in public are ballerina's at a dance studio. All hope is not lost though. There are ways to pull off wearing a bodysuit/leotard with style and grace.

Grab your "dopest" bodysuit and dress it up to perfection using a leather skater skirt, studded platforms, and cool accessories (like the Mickey Mouse inspired sunglasses and bunny ear cross body bag). You will be sure to turn heads (in a good way)!

Banging Bodysuits

I won't overload you with fashion violations (because we could be here all day). But lets do a quick recap. If you wear leggings be sure to get a thick grade of material (leather or thick cotton), cover your bum (with a long jacket, tunic, or sweater), and DON'T wear bodysuits solo!!!! Got it? Great!!!! What are some fashion "no - no's" that you can't stand seeing in public? Let me know in the comment section below. And as always have a great day luvs!


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