Thursday, August 29, 2013

Party Like It's 1986: DIY Glittered Fitted Hat

Since it's "Throwback Thursday" I thought I would throw it back to where it all began. The year was 1986, on a cold Sunday afternoon in February (February 9 to be exact) when a little diva was born :) Yep, you're right, if you guessed that the little diva I'm speaking of is the person who's blog you are reading right now! So to commemorate that fabulous year, I found an awesome DIY project that I felt I could tackle. (I told you gals I got bitten by the DIY bug this week)!

 The cool thing about the Glittered Fitted Hat DIY is that it's simple to create and you can make the hat say anything you want it too! So here's how to create this awesome look (stay tuned aka...keep reading). 


1. Fitted Sports Cap: Walmart - $2.50

2. Chalk: Michael's - $1.49

3. Triple Pack of Tack Glue: Michael's - $2.79
*You don't really need a triple pack, but it was the best economic choice

4. Mini Sponge Brushes: Michael's - $0.49 each

5. 4oz Glitter: Michael's - $2.99

6. Duck or Painter's Tape: Michael's - $2.99 

A recap of all the supplies you will need

Like the last DIY project, the price of all the items totaled under $20. 


1. Put down newspaper on the area where you are working (this can get a little messy).

2. Tape off the area where you want the top of your numbers (or whatever you want it to say) to hit.

3. Take your chalk and write the letters on your hat. If you mess up, don't worry...take your sponge and dip it in water (the chalk will disappear) then you can rewrite the letters. FYI: The numbers/letters don't have to be in 3D, that's just the type of lettering I chose.

4. Outline the numbers in tacky glue (I used the sponge to spread the glue thinly on eat of the numbers).

5. Sprinkle a generous amount of glitter on top of the numbers and shake it off.

6. Let the hat dry for approximately 20 minutes to make sure the glue and glitter has set in.

"I wanna rock right now, I'm Ali and I came to get down. I'm not internationally known (yet) but I'm known to rock the..." Now it's time to show you the look all pulled together. Let's party like it's 1986!!! Here's one of many ways to style this blinged out hat. I chose a graphic "cross" tank, my leather sweatpants, a boyfriend blazer, and my black and glitter platforms.

:: Cross Tank: Forever 21::
::Leather Track Pants: Online::
::Boyfriend Blazer: Forever 21::
::Glitter Platforms: Belk::

I can't take the inspiration for this DIY. I got the idea from an awesome blogger/vlogger Kristen Turner, from www. Check out her take on the "Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation inspired Glitter Hat" Here. I really like how the hat turned out. Do you? If you were to make your own glitter hat, what would you want the hat to say? 


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