Friday, August 2, 2013

Comic Relief

Who would have ever thought that cartoon comics and fashion would collide? Well, thanks to designers taping into their childhood memories of watching and reading comics they have seamlessly and brilliantly meshed fashion with animation.

Let your inner geek shine, in this comfy comic crop top, boyfriend jeans, and classic converse. You can don this super fun outfit while having movie night with your beau (or hubby) as you watch your favorite comic brought to life (Iron Man, The Hulk, Spider Man, X - Men etc.).

Comic Geek

Go from Clark Kent to Super"wo"man in this chic comic bodycon dress and extra cute "Pow" clutch and doorknockers. You can wear this for girls night out. You will be sure to turn heads!

Comic Chic

Are you bold enough to wear a story on your sleeve (literally)? Will you be willing to gain some comic relief (let me know in the comment bars below)? TGIF luvs :)


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