Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cocktails with Claire from Fashion Bomb Daily

Last night, I attended my second (ever) fashion networking event "Cocktails with Claire" at the W Hotel downtown Atlanta with the uber chic, fashion editor - in - chief, of the largest urban fashion blog site "Fashion Bomb Daily." Claire's refreshing savvy blog is one that fashionistas across the world (literally) flock to daily to gain fashion inspiration, site the hottest upcoming trends, and even research how to score big celebrity threads. So when she announced she was doing three networking events in the month of August and Atlanta was the first stop on the tour, I knew I had to be in the building!

Check out the Fashion Bomb Daily at

The event was held at the urban chic W Hotel downtown Atlanta at the "Wet" (16th floor, poolside venue) outside oasis. A perfect fit for the crowd of Atlanta's sleek fashion forward fashionistas. 

The awesome ambiance of the elegant W Hotel

Poolside views of the "Wet" Outdoor Oasis

I had NO clue what to wear to a fashion networking event. I wanted something that would be classy and chic, but would allow me to "stand out!" So my OOTN ("Outfit of the Night") consisted of all pieces you've seen before if you follow Ali's Fashion Sense. I wore my cream tuxedo blazer, black romper, glittery platform heels, and snakeskin clutch to round out my look for "Cocktails with Claire."

:: Cream Tuxedo Blazer: Forever 21::
:: Romper: Forever 21::
::Gianni Bini Platforms: Belk::
::Snakeskin Clutch: Target::

How cool are these abstract art pieces at the W Hotel?

Claire looked absolutely stunning with her golden locks, sun kissed skin, and her floral flowy dress! She was very sweet and was beautiful inside and out! I was honored to meet such an awesome, inspiring chick!!

You never know who you will meet at these fashion networking events. Not only was I blessed to meet one of my favorite fashion bloggers (Claire - Fashion Bomb Daily), I was blessed to meet two :). I bumped into Mattie (from I absolutely LOVE her blog and will be attending her second annual "Style Bloggers of Color" Conference in Miami, FL this October. She has such an inviting energy! Very petite yet super stylish. "Can we get into this turban for a minute?" (Yesssss honey)!!! My night was made after meeting her and Claire!

I had an amazing time at the event. And hope to add more events like this on my to - do - list as an up and coming blogger so I can meet and be inspired more by these awesome fashion blog icons (at least in my book)! SN: I must say thanks to the most amazing husband EVER! Not only was he my ride or die partner in crime last night (driving 1.5 hrs with me to Atlanta on a work night so I could meet my fav bloggers) he also was my photographer! So I just wanna say "Thanks honey, you're the absolute best!"

Me and my guy ; )

Just some extras: pool view, "W" napkin, logo, cocktail, Fashion Bomb Daily "Cocktails with Claire" sign

As a fashion blogger who's still trying to navigate and get my fashion view and voice out into the humongous fashion stratosphere, it's always nice to go to fashion networking events to see how other successful fashion bloggers have built brands on their shear creativity and personal visions of fashion and style. I said all of that to say, I look up to those women and men who have stepped out on a limb to follow their passion for fashion and have created mini empires in the process just by being themselves and voicing their opinions about style to the world! I too hope to get to a platform such as these great bloggers but until then I will continue to grow, learn, and evolve into the best fashion blogger I can be! Thanks for being on this continuous journey with me :) *Happy Thursday luvs*



  1. great pics! you looked so cute!

  2. Loved your romper..I'm obsessed with them! You can never go wrong with that outfit choice! I had a great time as well...too bad we didn't have a chance to chat! Maybe next time at another Fashion Event!

    1. Karen, it is unfortunate we weren't able to connect but if you have a blog leave the link below. I like to support up and coming bloggers (and hopefully you will come back and visit my blog as well) :) hopefully I will see you around in the future.

  3. All of you ladies look lovely. It looks like an all around fabulous time!