Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY: Floral Headbands

Yesterday, I got hit with the "Do It Yourself" bug. I've been wanting to do some DIY projects for a while but I haven't' got around to it. So, I put on my daily "to - do - list" that I would go by Michael's and get the correct items I needed to do some arts and crafts projects. Today's post will be about my first DIY: Floral Headbands.

Here are the items needed to create a floral headband:
1. Headband(s) - Walmart (Pack of 3 for $3.88)

2. Hot Glue Gun - Michael's ($3.99)

3. Hot Glue Sticks - Michael's (Pack of 18 Glue Sticks for $3.99)

4. Faux Flowers (Peonies and Mums) - Dollar Tree (Each bundle: red, white, and peach for $1.00 each)

I obtained the items all from under $20. 

This is the most simple DIY I've attempted. There are literally four steps involved to create this cool statement piece.

1. Take headband

2. Pull the floral base off the flower
Remove the green base petal from the bottom of the flower

3. Hot glue gun the individual flower petals onto the headband

4. Let the flowers dry on the headband for about 3 minutes


The finished products! I was really proud of these headbands because the last DIY project I tackled was an epic fail lol

So, I know your next logical question is..."what should I wear with this headband?" I'm glad you asked! You know I got you. I created three different looks to go with each of the floral bands so you could get a visual idea of how to style them. 

I wanted a soft, casual, girly look for the beige floral headband so I chose a sheer button up, distressed jeans, and my tan studded peep toe pumps.

:: Sheer Button Up: Forever 21::
:: Distressed Jeans: TJ Maxx::
:: Studded Peep Toe Pumps: Bakers::
::Gold Watch: Target::

For the white floral headband, I knew I wanted the look to be light and airy. So I went with an off the shoulder dress (that has a bit of a Grecian feel) along with my gladiator sandals, and a cognac colored belt (that came along with the dress) to pull the look together. 

::White Grecian Dress with cognac belt: TJ Maxx::
::Gladiator Sandals:
::Gold Bangle: Forever 21::

The red floral headband reminds me a bit of Frida Kahlo. With her goddess braid, unibrow, and red floral statement head piece. I chose to pick an all black ensemble with a red lip to let the headband be the statement piece of the look!

:: Leather Paneled Leggings: Off the Fifth Outlet:
::Leather Peplum: Online Boutique::
::Patent Leather Jessica Simpson Pumps: DSW::
::BBW Earrings: Walmart::

As you can see, there are a plethora of ways to style these floral headbands. So will you be making a floral headband in the near future? I sure hope so :)


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