Thursday, August 15, 2013

Floral Sunnies

There are exactly 37 more days of summer. Summer has flown by but, don't fret. You still have about 5 more weeks to soak up the sun! So today's post will highlight one of the summer trends that I've sorta fallen in love with. Floral Sunnies!

Have you ever had one of those days where the sun is blinding you and you "need" your sunglasses immediately? Well if you ever have one of those days then why not see the world in style. Whip out your floral sunnies.

Check out this DIY on how to make your own floral sunglasses by the gorgeous YouTuber Summer Kellsey. There are 3 different  floral "do it yourself" tutorials featured on this video. But if you want to get straight to the sunglasses project skip to 2:11.

I'm definitely going to follow Summer's lead and try to make my own floral sunnies. How about you? If you're not the DIY type check out Etsy or eBay to find an inexpensive pair! SN: If you watch Project favorite stylist...(Auntie) June Ambrose is going to be a guest judge on tonight's episode. So check it out on Lifetime at 9PM (EST). 

Photo "reposted" from June Ambrose's Instagram. If you're  not following her already...check out Auntie June @JuneAmbrose on Instagram.

Have a happy Thursday luvs :) Enjoy the rest of your day!


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