Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Recap & Day 15: Unique Rings

This weekend was pretty lax and disheartening (due to the verdict of the Zimmerman Trail...which we WILL NOT get into) but all in all, it was pretty chilled! I wanted to keep up with "Ali's 31 Days of Fresh" July Challenge so Saturday (Day 13) was Sneakers and Sunday (Day 14) were Leather Bottoms.

Here's a brief recap of my weekend!

My Saturday was pretty chill. I had a praise team rehearsal and went to a house warming party. It's been raining almost everyday for 3 weeks continuously in GA, so I wanted something that would be casual, cute and something that I wouldn't mind getting wet. I grabbed some khaki bermuda shorts (Old Navy), a graphic multicolored tank (Old Navy), denim jacket (Forever 21), "Cool Grays" (Christmas Gift), BBW Earrings (Kiosk), and Michael Kors Watch (Macy's) to complete the look. 

I knew Day 14 was "Leather Bottoms" day . So I wanted to rock my leather sweatpants. I know it seems crazy to wear sweatpants to church, but I knew I would crank up the chicness by adding a leather peplum (online boutique), cream tuxedo blazer (Forever 21), feather necklace (Charlotte Russe), and Jessica Simpson Patent Leather Pumps (Gift). I think it came out pretty well (if I must say so myself)!!! I ombre'd my extensions a light brown (I wanted it to be a bit brighter, but after my second attempt I'm happy with the results) on Friday to give me that ultimate summer hair!

So now that we've captured my weekend fashions it's time to announce Day 15 of "Ali's 31 Days of Fresh." Day 15 covers "unique rings." Show us some of your favorite rings that you've collected :)

Here are a few of my favorite "unique" rings that I've collected over the years. Most I've rounded up from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, or Wet Seal and I topped it all off with my favorite manicure color...WHITE.

As always if you want o join in on the amazement use the special hashtag #Alis31daysoffresh. I love seeing your pictures :)

Enjoy your Monday luvs. Make it a productive one!


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